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The school insists on high standards with regard to dress and appearance. When students wear the uniform they are ambassadors for the school in the community. As such they should take pride in their appearance and be aware of the traditions and continuity that they represent.

(1) Full correct uniform must be worn by every student in school, coming to school, leaving school and on school trips as indicated.

(2) The uniform comprises a tartan skirt or school trousers, school blouse and school pullover. The pullover has a round neck and the school crest. Students must wear green knee-socks or plain black tights with the skirt. The skirt should be worn two inches below the knee and the trousers should not be frayed at the hem. The only scarf permitted with the uniform is the official school scarf.

(3) Only flat black or navy shoes may be worn. This is essential for reasons of Health and Safety. Runners and boots are not permitted with the uniform.

(4) For outdoor wear, students should have the school fleece or jacket. In very cold weather students should wear an additional vest/body warmer under the uniform and not a poloneck. These additional items should not be visible.

(5) Students are permitted to wear one ring, one pair of stud earrings, a school badge, a pioneer pin. No other jewellery is permitted. Other types of jewellery and incorrect items of apparel may be confiscated and retained in a safe place in school until the end of term. Certain items of jewellery such as loop and hanging earrings pose a Health and Safety risk and therefore cannot be permitted.

(6) The wearing of make-up is not permitted in First, Second and Third Year. Due to their age and stage of development, senior students (Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Years) are permitted to wear make-up in moderation, keeping in mind the promotion of the good image of the school. If it is felt that students are abusing this rule e.g. exaggerated eye make-up, this privilege may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Principal. Exaggerated hairstyles/hair colourings are not permitted. Only clear nail polish may be used.

(7) Students who come to school in non-uniform clothes, and who do not have a note of explanation from a parent/guardian may be required to stay on the school premises during lunchtime.

P.E. uniform must be worn for all P.E. classes and all other activities where the normal uniform is inappropriate. It comprises a school t-shirt and half-zip top both with the school crest and plain navy or black jogging trousers. Suitable non-marking sports shoes must be worn.