School Self Evaluation


School Self Evaluation Process

St. Louis’ Secondary School is now in its fourth year of the School Self-Evaluation [SSE] initiative launched by the Department of Education and Skills under Minister Ruairí Quinn in 2012.

Guidelines for Post-Primary Schools Minister Quinn wrote: “School self-evaluation is simply a structure to enable teachers, principals and the management of schools to have a focused conversation about teaching and learning.” The goal of SSE is to empower “a school community to affirm good practice, to identify areas that merit improvement and to decide on actions that should be taken to bring about improvement in those areas”,(SSE Guidelines, p.8). This has been our experience thus far in the process.

Schools are required to prepare a short Report and Improvement Plan (School Self Evaluation report and School Improvement Plan SIP) based on the strengths and areas for improvement. The plan should detail the improvement targets and the actions that will help the school to bring about those improvements

The SIP should identify:

  • targets for improvement (with a focus on learner outcomes).
  • actions required to achieve the targets (with reference to those who are responsible for taking actions).
  • a statement of how the school will assess if the targets have been achieved.
  • a timeframe for achievement of the targets.

The Board of Management is responsible for ensuring that a brief summary of the SSE report and SIP are provided to the whole school community. These documents can be accessed below.


School Improvement Plans:

pdf icon clear School Self-Evaluation Report
pdf icon clear School Improvement Plan for Literacy 2021
pdf icon clear School Improvement Plan for Numeracy 2021
pdf icon clear School Improvement Plan for Teaching and Learning 2021

































School Improvement Plan : Literacy