Gaisce LogoGaisce is Ireland's National Challenge Award for young people. It is the country's most prestigious and respected individual Award programme. 

It is a challenge from the President of Ireland to the young people of Ireland.

Gaisce Mission Statement: “To contribute to the development of all young people through the achievement of personal challenges”

Gaisce involves a personal challenge set by the young person. You will set your own challenge and agree it with a President's Award Leader (PAL). For Gaisce, you won't be competing with other participants, as each challenge is completely individual. So, the only person you will compete with is yourself. Students may begin the President’s challenge when they are 15. Awards include Bronze, Silver and Gold. The first challenge is called the Bronze Award, after which participants may continue to achieve the Silver and then the Gold Award. All of this must be completed before the age of 25!

gaisceHere at St. Louis Secondary School students begin the Gaisce bronze award in Transition Year. We feel that this is a year when students have the time to dedicate to a programme such as Gaisce both within and outside school hours. It is a completely voluntary programme, where students decide on and complete their challenges in their own time! 

For the Bronze award, students must dedicate a minimum of 13 hours at each area of the challenges. There are three areas within the challenge; Community Involvement, a Personal Skill and a Physical Recreation. One of these areas must be continued for an additional 13 weeks e.g. you might choose to do 13 weeks of your Community Involvement, 13 weeks of a Personal Skill and 26 weeks of a Physical Recreation. In addition to these three areas, students partake in an Adventure hike/cycle.

Challenges include:

1. Community Involvement
Community Involvement is all about making a difference to other people’s lives. Everyone is unique and has something they can contribute to make their community a better place. It feels good to help, it’s fun, and you often make new friends too!

2. Personal Skill
Personal Skill gives you the chance to develop a new skill or interest. Working on a particular skill will help to boost self-esteem, develop other practical and social skills, and understand how to set and rise to a challenge.

3. Physical Recreation
Physical Recreation is about becoming physically stronger and improving fitness. Getting moving is a sure way to make you feel healthier, think better, and live longer. You don’t need to be super fit or have participated in any physical activity before — just try it out!

The following table is an example of Bronze Award activities.
A minimum of 1 hour a week is required in each of the first 3 challenge areas i.e. Community Involvement, Personal Skill and Physical Recreation.
In the example below the participant uses the additional hours in the Physical Recreation challenge.




Bronze Award recipients receive their awards during the Transition Year Awards night. Silver Awards are Presented at a regional Awards night and Gold Awards are received in Áras an Uachtarán, some presented by the President.
Students of St. Louis Secondary School students have received Awards from Gaisce at all levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. We encourage all Bronze participants in Transition Year to proceed and challenge themselves for the Silver, then the Gold Award.
We are happy that our students undertake the challenge for personal achievement, and for the valuable contribution that they have made to their community in undertaking voluntary and charity work.
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Students Receiving Their Well-Earned GAISCE Awards in 2021

 Principal, Karen Patton and teacher,  Kelly O' Brien with our successful Gaisce award students.



 Teachers, Ms Carolan, Ms Lynch and Ms Duffy with Gaisce Award Students 202


Aedamar O'Callaghan

Niamh Dunne

Amy Gainford 

Masha Maria Yatusuk 

Roisin Malcolm 

Aoife Doolin

Chanel  Durrigan   

Leah Sullivan

Aoife McElroy

Aoibhinn Kiernan

Amy Kerr

Sophie Boyle

Orla Shekleton

Kerry Halpin

Lauren Francis

Katie Kierans

      Holly Francis