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The Quality of Teaching and Learning

In St. Louis we pride ourselves on having a warm, friendly and caring ethos. We have very few discipline problems so that teachers can focus all their energies on the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom. Our mixed-ability system combined with a high degree of setting allows students to achieve their full potential in all subjects and therefore gain the best possible results in their Junior and Leaving Certificates. We expect very high standards from our students and we have a long and proven track record in achieving those standards of excellence. Our top students regularly achieve the very high points required for the top university courses such as pharmacy, dentistry and medicine. On November 26th 2013 the league tables published in the national newspapers confirmed this fact with St Louis Carrickmacross ranked first of the 12 second level schools in County Monaghan with 100% of our students progressing to Third Level. On the other hand, students with learning difficulties receive a high degree of support and inevitably gain a successful Leaving Certificate.



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