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Organisation and Structure

When a student enters the school she is assigned to a mixed ability class group. Depending on enrolment, the size of the class could vary from 20 pupils up to 27. While the student’s home class will remain a mixed ability class, gradually the students are grouped on an ability basis for various subjects. This begins with Maths and then Irish and by the time a student reaches Fourth Year all classes are ‘set’ so that students can advance at an appropriate pace. This system recognises that a student’s strengths may vary from subject to subject. 


For example, a student who is very good at English would be in a top, fast track honours class with students of similar ability while if she found Irish difficult, she would be in an Irish class that proceeded at a slower pace. This system of setting allows for normally four but sometimes five different classes in a subject all occurring at the same time. It is widely recognised that this method affords students the opportunity to maximise results in Certificate Examinations.



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